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At the inaugural Emerge Festival and Laboratory, co-curated by Matt Burman, Laura Elliot and Jonathan Heron, graduate theatre companies and alumni practitioners worked alongside Warwick students over four days of events and experiments. The 2014 Emerge co-facilitators were Jonathan Heron (IATL/Fail Better), Wallace MacDowell (Theatre and Performance Studies), Matt Burman (WAC) and Rachel King (Drama Education/Dumbshow), with special guests drawn from visiting companies (including Forced Entertainment and Gob Squad). The schedule was as follows:

Tuesday 28 October

Co-facilitated by Jonathan Heron & Wallace McDowell

Warm-up workshop from FellSwoop Theatre (with Bertrand Lesca) Movement

Panel discussion: ‘What does performance mean at Warwick?’

Afternoon event: How to … Produce: (with Ric Watts, Natalie Querol and Emma Beverley)

Performances by FellSwoop (Ablutions) and Fat Git Theatre (I feel fine)


Wednesday 29 October

Co-facilitated by Matt Burman & Jonathan Heron

Warm-up workshop from Fat Git Theatre (with Josh Roche) Writing

Panel discussion: ‘What are the urgent questions for contemporary performance?’

Afternoon event: Gob Squad: Framing Reality (with Sean Patten)

Performances by Forced Entertainment (The Night that Follows Day) and Barrel Organ (Nothing)

Thursday 30 October

Co-facilitated by Rachel King & Matt Burman

Warm-up workshop from Kill the Beast (with Ollie Jones): ‘How to look like an Idiot’

Panel discussion: ‘What strategies to you use to engage audiences/participants?’

Afternoon event: Forced Entertainment (with Terry O’Connor)

Performance by Gob Squad (Are you with us?)


Friday 31 October

Co-facilitated by Jonathan Heron & Rachel King

Warm-up workshop from Dumbshow (with Mike Davis) Adapting

Panel discussion: ‘What role does failure play in your work?’

Afternoon event: IATL Student Ensemble with Fellswoop and Fat Git Theatre

Performances by Dumbshow (The Pearl) and Kill the Beast (The Boy Who Kicked Pigs)