Executive Summary

The aim of this project is to provide a suitable platform for engaging students in ideas around the concept of salvagepunk, while also broadcasting the message of this cult genre loudly beyond the boundaries of the University. This will also associate the University and its students with salvagepunk as it increases in visibility over the coming years.

Salvagepunk barely exists on the literary map at the moment, but this is on the verge of changing. A new anthology, set for publication in 2012 will announce this new genre to the literary world. Edited by China MiƩville, Associate Professor for the Warwick Writing Programme, and Evan C Williams, US-based theorist and writer, as well as maven for all things salvagepunk, this anthology is part of a unique movement in contemporary countercultural writing.

This project will place Warwick at the heart of the new movement, with associations of social responsibility, postcolonialism, anti-establishment/decentrist resistance and intelligent punk fantasy and science fiction writing. The serious intent behind this genre, as well as the internationally recognised reputations involved, will ensure that this movement becomes a highly visible critical perspective, creating new readings of old texts and generating new writing.