Executive Summary

The module ST116 Mathematical Techniques has small group support classes (size 15 students) led by PhD students. These PhD students often are from abroad and have studied single discipline undergraduate degrees and so are less familiar with the set-up of our undergraduate degrees. in this project about half of the support classes will instead be lead by 4th year students who are taking one of our undergraduate degrees. These students are much more familiar with the challenges that our undergraduate students face. Additional to the support classes the project will also implement anchored discussion forums for the modules ST116 and ST104 Statistical Laboratory. Forums will be specific to each support class and anchors (discussion topics) will be provided by the module leaders to help engage students in a conversational model of learning.

These forums, which will also be monitored by the support class leaders, will allow students of the ST116/ST104 cohort to take an on line peer tutoring role.