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Show and Tell

Steve – BBAS (here)

Kirsty - Hispanic Liverpool (here)

Mark - 100 days (here); Godwin’s Diary (here)

Clare - Beginnings of Empire (database)

Bulk data and archives

Thomas Grey Archive (here)

GDELT Project (3.5 million books from past 215 years, inc. Internet Archve and HathiTrust- info here)

Exploratory visualisations

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon (here, 5:30 vid) – uses lots of OS libraries like d3.js, bootstrap. Data can be downloaded.

Republic of letters (tool here, Voltaire case study here, v. short video here) – custom flash interface built on top of a dataset that’s not exposed.

Kindred Britain (here)

Viral Texts – networks of reprinting in 19th century - here


Old Maps Online - here

3D visualisations

3D recreation of London (here, 3:30 vid)