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Event Checklist

Planning stage

  • Set date - try to ensure as many on the team as possible are available (using a Doodle poll).
  • Estimate number of attendees
  • Think about any equipment you might need, and how to get it
  • Book a room (Try to book time before and after the event is scheduled, for setup and breakdown time). Warwick central room booking system
  • Write a blurb describing the purpose of the event.
  • Put it up on the Events page of our website (do this as soon as you have a date/time).
  • Create an online booking form.
  • Put it on our calendars (both public and private ones)
  • How will the event be recorded? E.g. designate a team member as 'archivist' for the day

Two weeks prior

  • Order food and drink (can be amended later if numbers change significantly)
  • Design poster/slide
  • Start posting on Twitter and Facebook - every couple of days
  • Send mass emails about the event to the following lists (on the Gendered Knowledges account): Mailing List; Departmental Mailing List; Staff. Note: If it's a small reading group-type event, it might be more appropriate to send this 1 week prior to the event.
  • Send posters to team for distributing in relevant faculties/departments.
  • Send poster/slide to Amy Clarke in IATL, and to PG Hub and Research Exchange for posting in respective facilities. (;;

One week prior

  • Up the Twitter and Facebook campaigns - post stuff daily.
  • Send mass emails, if you haven't already.
  • Write a blog post, explaining the purpose of and reasoning behind the event as well as announcing date/time etc.

1-2 days prior

  • Send reminder email to Mailing List.
  • Ask Anna to check numbers on online signup form.

Day of

  • Make sure you have all required materials/equipment and enjoy the event!

Days following

  • Send recordings/photos etc to Anna for posting on website
  • Write follow-up blog post reporting and reflecting on the event (or assign someone else to do so - or both!)
  • Reflect on what went well and what could have been better. Add stuff to this checklist!