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University of Manchester: "Gender, Sexuality and Culture" MA.

Taught within the school of arts, languages and cultures.

Described as "highly interdisciplinary"

entry requirements - first class or 2:1 honours in either humanities or social sciences (which I thought was quite interesting).

course details -

University of Sussex - has several interdisciplinary MA courses in their Centre for Gender Studies.

It looks as though they are housed in the School of Law, Politics and Sociology but have an interdisciplinary focus and include lecturers etc from the Humanities as well.

University of Leeds - has a dedicated Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies

They offer three programmes and are based in the Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law.

MA Gender, Sexuality and Queer Theory, MA Gender and Culture, Gender and Management

Utrecht University (NL) - has one of Europe's most advanced interdisciplinary teaching and research programmes in Women's Studies.

The university offers two postgraduate degrees, a one-year Master's in comparative Women's Studies and a two-year research Master in Gender and Ethnicity.

University of Granada (coordinator), University of Bologna, Central European University (Budapest), University of Hull, University of Lodz, University of Oviedo and University of Utrecht - GEMMA (Erasmus Mundus Master's Degree in Women's and Gender Studies)

A two-year course that seeks to bring together approaches to feminism from all cardinal points in Europe.

Linköping University (Sweden) - offers a PhD programme in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies and undergraduate courses at bachelor's and master's level. An international master’s programme Gender Studies – Intersectionality and Change started August 2012

The Unit of Gender Studies is a unit for interdisciplinary and thematic gender research and education at the Department of Thematic Studies, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Linköping University.

University of York.

MA in Women's Studies

Course Aims:

"to provide a solid grounding in interdisciplinary women's studies, emphasizing gendered aspects of social and cultural life, representation and textual enquiry

to expose students to an interdisciplinary range of conceptual, theoretical and methodological approaches to and debates within women's studies

to familiarize students with the epistemological and philosophical underpinnings of research methodologies, the politics and ethics of research, the principles of research design and to enable them to evaluate and apply a range of methodologies

to women's studies research questionsto foster the development of a critical, self-reflexive and independent approach to research and scholarship, as well as the acquisition of transferable skills"