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What is the impact of Long Covid on student experience and can the experiences of students with chronic illness guide support provision?

Project Aim

This project focused on exploring the experiences of students with Chronic illness and/or Long COVID, in order to create support resources for students and staff.

What was the most exciting part of your project?

Identifying areas for practice and policy adjustments, based on the experiences of the students reported in surveys and focus groups.

What did co-creation look like in your project?

Co-creation was embedded from the initial stages through consultation on proposal development with students with Chronic Illness and Long COVID, and carried through into survey and focus group development by student Research Assistants.

What is your biggest learning from this project?

The biggest thing learnt on this project is that while staff support can make a valuable impact on the experiences of students with chronic illness and Long COVID, further awareness of these conditions is much needed within Higher Education.

What did IATL’s support mean to you?

The support that IATL provides is fantastic and knowing that the IATL project support team were available to help throughout the project was very reassuring.