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Video Project Coventry


The project provides students the opportunity to more actively engage with the themes and the topics of the Political Geography module. The decision to use Coventry as a site for learning is a deliberate one. Coventry has a unique history and social-economic make up. The city has thus far however received very little academic attention. The project wishes to tap into this gap and to use the University's close proximity to make full use of the city's potential as a site of student learning. Students effectively become researchers. The project videos will, after completion, be uploaded on this website.The underlying purpose is meant to encourage students to venture outside the classroom environment. Students will be asked to conduct a small video project in the city of Coventry on themes related to the module. Possible themes include: uneven development, spatial-political secularisation, the politics of memory, modern architecture, ethnic communities among others.


Marijn Nieuwenhuis is currently employed at the Department of Politics and International Studies. He teaches a political geography module there. Please email him to get in touch for more information about this project: m dot nieuwenhuis at warwick dot ac dot uk.


The following videos were showcased on the 15th of may 2014.

Video I - "'Place'tial Identity creating identity by creating place"

Made and directed: Warran Kalasegaran and Azeem Salehmohamed

Contents: Edit video footage from the New York and Washington DC showing how national symbols in urban areas represent and help construct national identities.

Video II - "Globalised Coventry"

Made and directed: Francesca Mara and Anna Cadoni

Contents: An ethnographic study of the ways in which globalisation has affected local identities in Coventry.

Video III - "The changing face of Coventry over time"

Made and directed by: Farangiz Atamuradova and Joan Colom

Contents: An interview with Martin Roberts (Senior Curator, the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry) on the historical importance of the Coventry Blitz for the city's present identity.

Photo Project - "Geographies of Coventry"

Made and directed by: Lewis Smith

Content: A series of photos taken in the centre of Coventry telling different stories and geographies.

(PDF Document) View the photo project