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Warwick-Knossos Archaeological Fieldwork Project

Project Aim

The Warwick team catalogued, explored issues related to Roman economic restructuring in Greece through the recording and analysis of the archaeological remains of a 1st Century BC pottery kiln at the ancient site of Knossos on the island of Crete.

archeological site of knossos

What was the most exciting part of your project?

Working with 2,000-year-old unstudied artefacts in the world-leading Knossos Research Centre on Crete

What did co-creation look like in your project?

Teamwork was at the core of this project, the PI (Trainor) and the student researchers from Warwick worked together to record/analyse the ancient artefacts, while the students created a video to document of their experience.

What is your biggest learning from this project?

Co-creation is an extremely effective mechanism for achieving important research results, while also providing unique learning pathways and a suite of transferable skills for students.

What did IATL’s support mean to you?

IATL’s support was instrumental for the implementation of this project – without this support the project simply could not have gone ahead.