Executive Summary

The aim of this project is to develop a generic online memory card game template from which users from any University department can create their own games populated with images (pictures and/or text) of their choice. Users’ games will be created and hosted in SiteBuilder pages, with the possibility of embedding them in Moodle. Games could be created by staff for students to use or could be created by students.

By creating a blank template game, the necessity of writing or understanding the software code would be removed from the users. All they would need to do would be to copy the game (1 line of text) to their SiteBuilder page, then upload their chosen images for the cards and their chosen text for instructions (a template would be provided). Optional text for a hint and a custom image for the reverse side of the cards could also be uploaded. The game setup page (SiteBuilder interface) would guide them through these steps.

There is student involvement in the development, testing and dissemination phases of this project. The second test would result in 3 games designed by students for use in outreach activities.