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Pedagogic Interventions funded

Pedagogic interventions (for example workshops, lectures, special events involving external guests) encourage active and performative participation by learners and teachers, learning experiences that encourage a more performative and applied approach, or promotion of digital media initiatives that kickstart a new activity. Projects may apply for up to £1000, though IATL reserves the right to make smaller grants where appropriate. [Find out more]


Name(s) Department Project title Start date Reports, etc.
Bycroft, Michael & Caroline Petit History / Classics and Ancient History Reproducing alchemical experiments 07/05/2018 View Blog
Sealey-Huggins, Leon Global Sustainable Development Embarking on the Food Journey 05/03/2018 View Blog
Sealey-Huggins, Leon Global Sustainable Development Walking in to HS2 17/02/2018 View Blog
Ackers, Helen Classics and Ancient History Performative learning of ancient painting techniques (encaustic & tempera) 15/02/2018 View Blog
Hampton, Cathy & Vikki Armeson & Linda Shortt School of Modern Languages and Cultures / Centre for Teacher Education Translation in Schools Workshop 01/02/2018 View Blog
Turner, Elizabeth Theatre and Performance Studies Mesmer: Enchantment, Treachery, Belief 08/05/2017  
Leese, Jonty Centre for Professional Education Sharing Pedagogy across Disciplines 01/12/2016  
Owen, Kate & Catherine Bennett Warwick Medical School (WMS) Patients and students as partners in medical education 01/11/2016  
Hopkins, Amanda School of Modern Languages and Culture (SMLC) University, Unsettling Ideas and You 29/11/2017  (PDF Document) Final Report
Rowthorn, David & Karen Simecek Philosophy Should we advertise to children? 01/11/2016  
Gaydon, Philip & Jonathan Heron Philosophy / Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL) Sport, Philosophy, and Practice: Group field trip and exploration of sporting environments and practices in Coventry 03/10/2016  
Raffield, Paul Law Law School does The Comedy of Errors 03/10/2016  
Bakola, Emmanuela Classics and Ancient History Ancient Greek Theatre in action: Exploring the performance of Greek plays 01/10/2016  
Lees, David School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC) (Re)Imagining the Holocaust through interdisciplinary teaching and learning: representations of the Shoah and German Occupation of France in French culture 01/09/2016  
Alanyali, Merve & Jennifer Cooper & Chanuki Seresinhe & Josephine Khan Warwick Medical School (WMS) / Warwick Business School (WBS) Data Science for Public Health Outcomes 01/08/2016  
Chadwick, Eleanor Theatre and Performance Studies Experiments in Historically-Responsive Theatre Practice 01/08/2016  (PDF Document) Final report
Hampton, Cathy & Ariane Demeure-Ahearne School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC) Creating targeted online elearning materials to facilitate the movement between independent learning and face to face study in French language modules 01/08/2016  
Thakoordin, Jane Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) - Social Work Survivor Artists and Recovery - a creative journey to inspire students 01/08/2016  
Armstrong, David Physics Forbidden Planets: Workshops on Habitability 01/04/2016  (PDF Document) Final report
Graham, Abigail Classics Exploring Didactic Approaches: The Role of Context and Display in Recording Cultural Heritage 10/03/2016

(PDF Document) Final Report
(PDF Document) Corinium coins
(PDF Document)
 Corinium inscriptions
(PDF Document) Corinium pottery
(PDF Document) EAGLE presentation

Brownlee, Kimberley Philosophy Crime and Punishment 26/02/2016  
Rowan, Clare Classics Touching Antiquity 02/02/2016  
Dimitrokali, Elisavet Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) Experience Led Innovation Workshop 01/02/2016  
Pigott, Michael Theatre and Performance Studies / Film and Television Studies WarPUnit – Warwick Projection Unit collaboration with Flatpack Film Festival Birmingham 01/02/2016  (PDF Document) Final Report
Burrows, Susan Physics Invited speakers and concert attendance for Science of Music IL016 14/01/2016 (PDF Document) Final report
Hampton, Cathy & Ingrid De Snet School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC) Technologies of text production: a workshop with hand printing presses (Centre for the study of the book Bodleian Library, Oxford) 11/01/2016

(PDF Document) Final report

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Chadwick, Eleanor Theatre and Performance Studies Ergo Sum 10/12/2015 (PDF Document) Final report
Bryan, Jane Law Unlocking Warwick's Criminal Past 30/11/2015 (PDF Document) Final report
Lazarus, Joel Politics ROSI Website Project 25/11/2015  
Thonnes, Elke and Ric Crossman Statistics Peer support assisted through anchored discussion forums 12/10/2015

(PDF Document) Interim Report

(PDF Document) Final Report

Scott, Michael Classics Democracy and Imperialism in the Ancient and Modern Worlds 01/10/2015 (PDF Document) Final report
Wall, Illan Law Law of Disorder Podcasts 01/10/2015  
Cunningham, Charlie & Stephanie Redding Student Careers and Skills Interviews live: Telling your story to employers 01/09/2015  (PDF Document) Final Report
Woodhead, Charlotte Law Object-orientated teaching of Cultural Heritage Law with 3D printed models 01/08/2015  
Whybrow, Nicolas Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies Fierce Festival Undergraduate Participation 01/05/2015 (PDF Document) Final report
Hinton, Mark Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) Why is my curriculum white? Student-led challenges to Eurocentric curricula 01/04/2015  
Wright, Jeannie & Abigail Ingram Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) Domestic Violence and its impact on the child and family 01/02/2015  
Ingram, Abigail & Jeannie Wright Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) Getting Connected: Applications of Attachment Theory in practice 26/01/2015  
Johnson, Rebecca Warwick Medical School (WMS) Engaging postgraduate students in mixed methods: the use of a novel activity to teach data integration and synthesis 05/01/2015

(PDF Document) Interim report
(PDF Document) Appendix 1
(PDF Document) Appendix 2

(PDF Document) Final report
Final report video

Lawrence, Nick English and Comparative Literary Studies Electric Dreams: Performing The Shock Doctrine 05/01/2015 (PDF Document) Final report
Burman, Matt Arts Centre Emerge (Working Title) 27/10/2014 (PDF Document) Final report
Scott, Michael Classics and Ancient History Approaching the study of Greek Religion 01/09/2014 (PDF Document) Final report
MacDonald, Graeme & A. Rhys Williams English and Comparative Literary Studies SF/F Now: An international interdisciplinary conference exploring the representation of contemporary topics and crises in imaginative literature 21/08/2014  (PDF Document) Final report
Singh Lallie, Harjinder Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) The National Student Induction Workshop 10/07/2014 (PDF Document) Final report
Clarke, Elizabeth English and Comparative Literary Studies Launch of Alice Eardley's edition of Hester Pulter's manuscript 23/06/2014  
Newby, Zahra Classics Performative learning of the techniques of ancient Roman mosaic 01/02/2014 (PDF Document) Final report
Nieuwenhuis, Marijn Politics Video Project Coventry 01/01/2014 (PDF Document) Final report
Graham, Abigail Classics Contextualising the Eternal City: an academic field trip to Rome for participants in the City of Rome module 01/01/2014

(PDF Document) Final report
(PDF Document) Slideshow from field trip
(Video clip) Video of student presentation

Bryan, Jane Law The Warwick Grand Assizes re-visited: an opportunity to research and re-enact two nineteenth century criminal trials in the courtroom in which they originally took place 01/12/2013 (PDF Document) Final report
Roberts, Nick & Rose Redgrave Coull Quartet Tree Carols 01/10/2013  
Scott, Michael Classics Handling Greek Vases 01/07/2013 (PDF Document) Final report
Cooley, Alison Classics Students as Researchers at the British Museum 01/05/2013 (PDF Document) Final report
Lee, Joanne Italian Visit, lecture and tour of Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art 01/11/2012 (PDF Document) Final report
Russ, Steve Computer Science A personal introduction to linear algebra 01/07/2012

(PDF Document) Final report

(PDF Document) Appendix

John, Eileen Philosophy New Interdisciplinary Spaces in Philosophy and Literature 01/02/2012

(PDF Document) Final report

(Video clip) Workshop video

Miéville, China English and Comparative Literary Studies Salvagepunk 14/01/2012

Report not available

Alsop, Naomi English and Comparative Literary Studies Warwick Writing Programme in Schools 01/12/2011 (PDF Document) Final report
Hundt, Gillian & Claudette Bryantson Health and Social Studies Developing Digital Resources for Distance Learning from Passing On, an Ethno-Drama 01/10/2011 (PDF Document) Final report
Wood, David Warwick Mathematics Institute Teaching Abstraction in Open Spaces 01/10/2011

(Video clip) Final workshop video

Final report (IATL newsletter article, p.2)

Lawrence, Nicholas English and Comparative Literary Studies Undergraduate journal of research in literary studies 01/06/2011 No report submitted
Howard, Tony English and Comparative Literary Studies Study, Stage and Studio: Young Vic / Warwick University Hamlet Laboratory 14/03/2011 Report not yet available
Ttoouli, George English and Comparative Literary Studies Poetry in the Field 14/03/2011 (PDF Document) Final report
Hulse, Michael English and Comparative Literary Studies Visit by American Poet and Translator, Tony Barnstone 07/03/2011 (PDF Document) Final report
Brioni, Simone Italian Migrant Cinema and Writing in Post-colonial Italy 21/02/2011 (PDF Document) Final report
Raffield, Paul Law School Lawyer Playwrights: Legal Themes and the Making of Drama 04/01/2011 (PDF Document) Final report
Beauclair, Bozena & Nicola Wilkinson Warwick Institute of Education (WIE) Developing Video Production and Editing Skills for WIE Staff 01/01/2011 (Video clip) Final report (video)
Synnott, Michael Warwick Business School (WBS) Using the Macbook to Develop a Teaching Case Study of the Government’s Plans for High Speed2 01/12/2010 (Video clip) Final report (video)
Zara, Catherine Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) Introducing Peer Assessment (Formative and Summative) of online Discussion Forums with First-year BSc Accounting and Finance Students 01/12/2010 No report submitted
Rutter, Carol English and Comparative Literary Studies Pre-rehearsal rehearsal: meeting Macbeth 10/10/2010 No report submitted