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21st Century Communities Project

We will be looking at what community means now, its nature, its importance and its effect on us. The piece will be a response to the current moment, with contextual reflection on the past. It will be about the internet generation, drawing on stories - real and imaginary - from the world around us to feed into an oral history of what community is now, in the start of the 21st century. This will lead us to investigate how pop culture, late capitalism, individualism and modern forms of communication shape our communities and thus ourselves. We will be looking at how we operate as communities now and how communities previously operated; in Facebook groups, tribes, gangs, villages, countries, sports teams, brands and "the global community". Influences will range from tribal initiation rituals, to Guinness World Records, and from LARPing to the structure of internet forums.

The way we relate to these communities will be primary in our investigation and we will try to reveal how community and our search for it shapes us as human beings in 2014. This is a politically and emotionally relevant piece, trying to have an honest theatrical engagement with issues which are shaping the world, and our minds.