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The Celluloid Ceiling


Dorothy Allen-Pickard

Since completing her IATL funded project Dorothy has co-founded a new online and print film journal Another Gaze, which examines the relationship between intersectional feminism and film, and has been established to challenge the gender inequality of the film industry.


Most people I ask find it remarkably difficult to name a single female filmmaker, let alone one from each genre or each continent. A key way in which we can change the archaic gender bias in the film industry is through giving greater visibility to women currently making fantastic, often overlooked films. I am therefore making a documentary accompanied by a written essay about female filmmakers, based on interviews with them. Questions will focus on their work in film, the gender bias in the industry and being labelled a ‘woman director’. The interviewees come from diverse backgrounds, both in terms of place and politics. Their work covers many genres, including fiction, political documentaries, art house videos, and thrillers. Some of the people I aim to interview include, Sally Potter, Rita Stantic, Jennie Livingstone, Clio Barnard, and Agnes Varda.