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Alternative Methods of Political Participation in Colombia, South America

Via interviews this project sheds light on the incredibly creative methods of political participation the interviewees have used to bring an unresponsive political system to change. The actions include everything from dressing up as lemons in order to protest the destruction of citrus agriculture, to organising dance marathons at university strikes. In the face of a toxic mix of violence and corruption, which are often themselves a product of a perceived lack of viable means for effecting political change, combined with an unusually rich democratic tradition, activists and academics have been not only brave and determined but capable of creating symbolic significance that carries a political message not easily distorted and oversimplified by mainstream media. These interviews seek to bring to the fore their own grass-roots initiatives and forms of understanding.

Elizabeth Hubert


L-R Ruben Santamaria Nestor Ocampo Oliverio Gomez at Los Labriegos Armenia Quindio Colombia

Madres de la Candelaria interview in Medellin Colombia

Sand Quarrying Association of Barragan Valle del Cauca Colombia

President of Barragan