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Humanitarian Engineering- Workshop 2018-03-12

IATL undergraduate modules: online registration now open

Our modules are available to second years and above, in a variety of CATS weightings. New for 2018/19 are: Understanding Wellbeing- Theory & Practice; South Asia in Britain; Introduction to Design Thinking Theory and Practice. There are revised modules in: Navigating Psychopathology, and Entrepreneurship: A Critical Perspective.



New IATL Director announced

Dr Jonathan Heron, currently our Deputy Director, is to become Director, having been with IATL since its inception in 2010. We would also like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of Dr Nicholas Monk, who will step down later this year (see his newsletter editorial).

[Image by Peter Marsh / ashmorevisuals (cropped)]



Humanitarian Engineering MSc

Receive £5000 towards the cost of this new Masters programme with the Warwick Taught Masters Scholarship Scheme. Click here to find out more. Applications close on 29th June at 4pm.