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Reinvention- Volume 11 issue 2

Read the latest edition of the Reinvention- An online, peer-reviewed journal, dedicated to the publication of high-quality undergraduate student research.


ICUR 2018

ICUR 2018 was a resounding success! 8 universites across the globe joined together to present innovative and exciting undergraduate research. Thank you to all the fantastic Warwick presenters and to the volunteers who contributed so much to this excellent event. We look forward to ICUR 2019!

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Humanitarian Engineering- Workshop 2018-03-12

IATL undergraduate modules: online registration now open

Our modules are available to second years and above, in a variety of CATS weightings. New for 2018/19 are: Understanding Wellbeing- Theory & Practice; South Asia in Britain; Introduction to Design Thinking Theory and Practice. There are revised modules in: Navigating Psychopathology, and Entrepreneurship: A Critical Perspective.