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Spaces with IATL

We offer bookable spaces as well as practical ideas and resources for using each learning environment

We are currently only accepting teaching bookings. Any bookings that fall into term-time between 8 am and 9 pm (Mon-Fri) is now part of the teaching day and so we can’t accept any bookings outside of these times until we have all the teaching bookings in the timetable.

Book Spaces

We are not accepting bookings for Studio 1 (G55) at the moment

IATL has a range of spaces that can be booked. Select from the rooms below to find out more information and book.

Capital Rehearsal Room

G57, Milburn House



A clean, bright, open space ideal for collaborative and open spaced learning ideas

Studio 1

G55, Studio 1

We are not accepting bookings for this space at the moment



Large open space with studio lighting- creating a wide range of learning opportunities

Maximise learning in IATL Spaces

Our spaces have been designed specifically to encourage exploratory ways of learning and thinking. We encourage booking with this in mind, and that you explore our research and resources that will help you think about the how to create a unique and innovative learning experience. Below are links to some key resources.