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Session 7A-7F

7A Joint University of Warwick, Monash University Australia and Nanyang Technological University

7D Joint University of Warwick, Singapore Management University and University of Western Australia

7E Historical Interpretations

7F Food Studies and Global Issues

Storytelling in International Criminal Trials: A Comparison of Victim-Witnesses' Experiences at the ICTY and Tokyo Women’s Tribunal.
Negotiating between democracy and the rule of law in a constitutional democracy.
Hindrance or Heroine? A comparison of the literary and visual depictions of Dido in Ancient Roman culture.

Missing In Action: The Human Face of Missing Men during the Gallipoli Campaign.

Sean Mulcahy, Inernational Law, Faculty of Law, Monash University Kim Shi Yin, Law, Singapore Management University Kathryn Thompson, Classics, Faculty of Arts Stephanie Neal, History & Law, Monash University (Travel Fellowship Winner)

Is Facebook Making You Feel Fat? The Effects of Facebook on Body Satisfaction.


The Agency Complex and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Europe Union: Implications for Strategic Litigation in the Post-Lisbon Era.

The ‘Apollonian Dream’: science, objectivity, and pluralism in the history of cartography. Food Security in Pakistan: Hegemony and Resistance.
Serene Juan, Psychology, Nanyang Technological University Gaelen Perrone, Political Science & International Relations, University of Western Australia Oliver Hirst, History, Faculty of Arts Markus Markert, Politics & International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences
Detecting Sardinian Literary Identity in Translation.

Imperial War Trophies and the Integration of Social and Military Histories of the English East India Company.

The Influence of Roman Culture upon the Depiction of Christ in Early Christian Art. Drivers and Consequences of Chinese Investments: the case of Afghanistan's copper.
Paolo Vacca, Italian with International Studies, Faculty of Arts Holly Winter, History, Faculty of Arts Claire Heywood, Classical Civilisation, Faculty of Arts Anna Orlova, Politics & International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences