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Poster Sessions

Monash only

Obesity is a risk factor for patellar tendinopathy in middle-aged adults
Jessica Fairley, Medicine, Clayton, Monash University

Serum bicarbonate is a predictor of acute kidney injury in critical illness
Elizabeth Cole, Medicine, Clayton, Monash University

Monash and Warwick

Characteristics of bone marrow lesions on knee MRI- a comparison between T1 and T2 sequences
Bonnie Liu, Medicine, Clayton, Monash University

C9 – a small bite of a big MAC
Jason Kong, Medicine, Clayton, Monash University

Use Of Multidimensional Gas Chromatography Techniques To Detect Illegal Doping With Beta-2 Agonists
Eamon McGuire, Science, Clayton, Monash University

Heavy Quark Hadron Analysis in LHCb experiment
Slavomira Stefkova, Physics, University of Warwick

Designing a Microfluidics System for Controlled Protein Aggregation and Metal Chelation
Lara Kamal, Engineering, University of Warwick


Towards identification of the Turnip mosaic virus response gene TuNI in Arabidopsis thaliana
George Skalka, Biology, University of Warwick

Warwick only

Avian autophagy marker LC3 with a G120A mutation is not incorporated into autophagosomes
Jessica Wilkinson, Biology, University of Warwick

The Restitution of Ancient Artefacts
Sarah Irving, Classics & Ancient History, University of Warwick

What is the mechanism of seizure resolution? Investigating the possible release of ectonucleotidases in rat hippocampal brain models to attenuate seizure activity
Priya Rallon, WMS, Neuroscience, University of Warwick