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Erasmus + Project: BLASTER (The Best in Liberal Arts and Sciences Teaching Expanded and Reinforced)

Name Description
Ahmad The Holy Trinity: The Social Construction of the Scientist, the Scientific Method and Scientific Knowledge
Goldsborough The Effect of Visitor Density on the Behaviour of Two Siberian Tigers (Panthera tigris altaica) Housed in a Zoo Enclosure: A Case Study
Greve Institutional Discrimination against Children with a History of Migration in the Transition to Secondary Education
Hajiyeva The Accession of Turkey to the EU: Problematic European or European Problem?
Hoek 'Being on Fire': Using Embodied Metaphor to Analyse Ovid’s Story of Echo and Narcissus
Hyravý Comprehensive Principles of Decision-Making in Saudi Arabia
Kaltenbrunner Are the Language of the Media and the Language of Science Fundamentally Incompatible?
Schackmann Perceptual Differences in Pregnancy Medical Care: An Initial Study into the Differences Between Asylum Seekers and Dutch Women
Schütte On Digital Data Dispossession and Capitalisation
Severins Effect of Basic Income Supply Curve on Labour
Webster Zarrinkolah's Cleansing: The Contested Female Body in Women Without Men and its Political Parallels in 1953 Iran
van der Zee Breastfeeding Norms in Contemporary Society: A Case Study of Dutch Women