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Spoken Sessions 6a-6d (at Warwick only)

Session A


Using a knock out mouse line to investigate the pathogenesis of an autism syndrome
Helen Whitley, Biomedical Science, University of Warwick

Session B


Vandal Loading on Footbridges
Ian Poole, Civil Engineering, University of Warwick

Instabilities in Solar Coronal Mass Ejections
Stephanie Yardley, Physics, University of Warwick

Session C


Cover time of Random Walks on a polygon
Jianjun Zhao, Statistics, University of Warwick

Session D

Having problems with large classes? (Together, we can make a difference!)
Rajapriyah Anmpalagan, Teaching English as a Secondary Language (TESL), University of Warwick

The contribution of benthic microalgae to an island lagoon's carbon budget and water chemistry
Annabel Plumeridge, Biological Sciences, University of Warwick