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Award Winning Teachers!

Today Dr Elena Riva who leads our Water and Environmental Management module will collect her Butterworth Memorial Teaching Award

Elena has also been awarded the Warwick Award for Teaching and Learning (WATE) award, which recognises staff who have made a difference in learning and teaching and reward outstanding, inspirational teachers.


Education for a New Generation

We think encouraging an early interest in our global community and the roles we can play is vitally important. Last week we had the great pleasure of hosting 60 girls in years 10 and 11 to come and complete the Smallpeice Trust Humanitarian Engineering Residential.



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Accommodation Application Deadline


New Postgraduates


To make an application for postgraduate accommodation you will need a full time, full year firm or conditional offer of study at Warwick. To make your application you will need:

The deadline for priority applications is 31 July 2018 so please make sure you have submitted your application by this date.

Hear from our applicants

Hear why our applicants have chosen to study with us for the exciting new MSc Humanitarian Engineering.

Are you ready to see differently, think differently and DO DIFFERENTLY?

Send us an email to explore the unique opportunity to study differently.

Elena Riva and Student Talk while sat opposite each other

Apply for funding towards Humanitarian Engineering MSc

Piggy Bank

You could receive £5000 towards the cost of studying with us, with one of 20 scholarships!

Application deadline is the 29th June, so you will need to apply soon.

You can find more information here.

Promotional Video Recordings

Humanitarian Engineering- Promotional Filming


This week we are excited to be partnering with a creative company in producing some short promotional videos for our Humanitarian Engineering course.

We hope that these videos will give our audience a greater understanding of our vision and what we expect our students will achieve. We look forward to presenting them in the coming weeks- watch this space!

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Join the conversation on Twitter


You can now follow our Academic Projects Manager Hannah @HHCoping on Twitter to hear more about and join the conversation.

Use the hashtag to spread the word one tweet at a time!

Cohort Diversity


Will you be part of the diversity? Our latest application brings our total number of nationalities represented to 15! With their varied academic & work experiences, it looks a very diverse cohort!

We are still accepting applications, join us to become confident when conversing and interacting through multiple perspectives and develop your capacity to think critically and intelligently when approaching complex global issues.

The unforgettable bag

Tesco launches "unforgettable bag" in Kuala Lumpur in an effort to shift away from single-use plastic bags and reduce pollution.

We follow this idea of what our global responsibility is to respond to the humanitarian challenges we face.

Children Lost to Conflict

Mike Penrose, Executive Director for Unicef UK recently wrote a blog entry for the Huffington Post Entitled “In Yemen, Another Generation Is Being Lost To Conflict”. Shockingly it highlights almost half a million children in Yemen are facing the harsh reality of being stripped of their chance for education due to the conflict.

This topic is explored more in our Humanitarian Law module taught by Professor Andrew Williams, School of Law.


Image Provided by Felton Davis E339 Child in Ruins via CC BY 2.0

A child walking in the rubble of a building hit in an airstrike in Taiz, Yemen. Photo by Ahmad Al-Basha/Agence France-Presse

Reducing plastic use on campus

Our Warwick Retail Group have pledged to reduce single-use plastic, starting with teaming up with students to give away free reusable water bottles, and removing disposable cups from water dispensers.

What would you like to see the University of Warwick do next to help make a more sustainable campus? What would you do as a student?


City Design: Health and Happiness

Our core Global Health module, specifically exploring research by Chanuki Seresinhe (WBS) on the impact of scenic environments on our health and happiness, and the importance of how including beautiful natural elements, such as trees, within a city plan can improve mental health and wellbeing, reducing the stress and anxiety and make a big impact on the health of those leading an urban life.

World Water Day 2018

The Humanitarian Engineering Programme is proudly celebrating World Water Day.

The theme for World Water Day 2018 is ‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face. Even today in the 21st century WHO have raised awareness today that only 1 in 4 people in low-income countries have handwashing facilities with soap & water at home. The United Nations have noted that 2 billion people drink unsafe water every day.

With Sustainable Cities and Water Management two key themes in our MSc Humanitarian Engineering with Sustainability, we are taking a closer look at these issues.

Day Zero: Impact on Public Health

Only a month ago the world was gearing up ready to see a world first; Day Zero the day a large western city run out of water. Cape Town was all over the news and Dr Ola Uthman from our Global Health module summaries the health issues facing the city.

EVENT: 21 March - Energy Ideas Café

Energy Ideas Café
Wednesday 21 March
Round table discussion about the latest energy research at Warwick, including renewable energy generation and what developments such as more affordable battery technology and more efficient homes could mean for us as citizens.

Making the most of your Masters

We know it’s not just about what we offer on the course that makes students choose to study at Warwick. It is also the fact that Warwick offers a great chance to get involved in all sorts of projects, societies and research while you complete your studies. The level of flexibility offered with the Humanitarian Engineering programme lends itself well to giving you the opportunity to get stuck in!

Creativity in Assessment

One of the unique aspects of the Humanitarian Engineering programmes is that all students will get an opportunity to design and decide on their own way of being assessed.

Read more to find out whys student have chosen to be assessed in the past and read what they thought about the experience.



We are excited to see our first cohort taking shape through the applications we are receiving.

Don’t miss out on being part of this diverse group exploring how studying with us can help you play a pivotal a role in the solution of global humanitarian challenges.

Find out about entry requirements and deadlines HERE.

Water and gender equality (IWD18 Part 2)

It is not possible to achieve equality and gender justice without water and sanitation. There are millions of women who do not enjoy this human right, which is essential for their survival and dignity.

This topic is discussed in different ways in a number of our modules, most notably in three of our core modules for all our Programmes.

Our Inspiring Women (IWD18 Part 1)

In recognition of International Women Day (yesterday 8 March) we would like to thank all of our inspiring women who make up our Humanitarian Engineering Team. Find out more about each of them and how they are playing a pivotal part in the solution of global humanitarian challenges.

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