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IATL PG Assessment

What are the IATL student-led, non- standard assessments?

IATL invites students to become co-creators of knowledge and bring their own experience to help shape their own assessment.

Assessments methods vary across the modules, but include Student Devised Assessments (SDAs), and Presentations as well as Academic Writing Pieces, such as essays, literature reviews and articles.

Demystifying Student Assessments - (SDA)

If you want to find out more about Student Devised Assessments, this video should answer your questions.


Listen to Dr Heather Meyer’s podcast here for 'Student Innovation at Warwick' where she discusses how non–standard learning and assessment methods are created, delivered and experienced on IATL modules, and how this can be of value to students.  

Examples of IATL Assessment

1 - Student Devised Assessment (SDA)

The SDA offers students the chance to display their critical engagement with the themes and theories of the module and to take a considered approach as to how they might practically apply what they have learned in a medium of their choosing. 

It gives space and the opportunity to test ideas and to be creative! 

The SDA’s form is down to the student. They consider what issues and theories they want to address and then pick whatever form they feel best expresses them. The SDA can take any form they wish (a story, workshop, presentation, blog, comic, painting, video, essay, dance, website, poem, song, learning resource, collage, diary...anything!) and it displays their personal experiences of and thoughts about the module’s topics, questions, and stimuli in the best way possible. They have to clearly demonstrate and critically engage with theory and give an explanation of their choice of medium. To help with this, they write an accompanying explanation or give an accompanying presentation to their piece together with a detailed bibliography. 

IATL modules that will use SDA for assessment in 2021-22 are:

IL905 Thinking Water

IL907 Habitability in the Universe

Examples of SDA

Virtual exhibition of 'Genetics: Science and Society' Module Exhibition (2018) 

2 - Presentations

3 - Academic Writing