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Student Perspective

IATL actively engages students in the evaluation process of our modules through feedback, focus groups and surveys.

Discover the experiences of former students exploring their videos, blogs and testimonials below.

Video Testimonials

Emily took the PG module Habitability in the Universe IL907 in 2021. HereLink opens in a new window she speaks about her experience.

IATL student co-creator Pula Prakash talks about her experience on the IATL module Change: Critical Understandings, Practices and Action

Student Testimonials

‘You absolutely have to study with IATL! You get to meet so many different people, in different years and different departments. The content of the modules is refreshingly different and so relevant to real-world topics. On top of all that, the ethos of the department means that I really felt like I was appreciated and listened to, and all the staff have been incredibly kind and helpful’

Holly Warner - Applied Linguistics, Censorship and Society 2020-21 and Genetics:Science and Society 2019-20

Student Quotes from Module Feedback Forms

“This was honestly one of the best modules I have studied during my time at Warwick I absolutely loved it. I am not sure if I can pick only one thing. I loved interacting with people from other courses, I enjoyed the group work and that each week was something completely different.”

Student from Understanding Wellbeing 2020-21

“The fact that we discussed a different point of view on identity from different disciplines was absolutely amazing! Every week was a surprise and that is such a refreshing approach for a module that has ensured to keep it engaging all the way through!”

Student from Forms of Identity 2020-21

“This module was my favourite module throughout all my years at this university because it felt like the lessons were one hour per week spent with friends discussing each other's opinions on the most complex thing in the world where nobody is judging anyone and I am actually sad that our lessons finished.”

Student from Navigating Psychopathology 2020-21

“One thing that had most impact on my learning was the interdisciplinary aspect. During the group presentation, we conducted a survey which was unlike anything I have done before on my French and History degree. So I was able to delve into a science/research-based project which I have never experienced.”

Student from Entrepreneurship: A Critical Perspective 2020-21