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Week 3

Reflective Questions:

  1. Why do feminists so often disagree on the subject of censorship?
  2. Explore the binarism between the anti-porn and anti-censorship of porn arguments.
  3. Does censorship ever benefit feminism?
  4. How do we define what is pornographic and what is art? What are legitimate and illegitimate representations of nudity and sexuality?
  5. Robin Morgan contends, “porn is the theory, rape is the practice”. Discuss.
  6. “The penis’ as a ‘symbol of terror’. Dworkin tells us, is ‘even more significant than the gun, the knife, the bomb, the fist, etc.’ Women, she concludes in her lurid book on pornography, ‘will know that they are free when the pornography no longer exists.’ […] Pornography does typically encapsulate all that is most distressing and depressing in the portrayal of women’s bodies in our own culture: women become sexual commodities, usable, disposable, endlessly available for the titillation of men.” (Segal 105-6) Do we need to eradicate all pornography for women to be free?