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Experimental Ecologies (IL904)

This module focuses on sustainable experimental practices for studying the environment and its bearing upon human performance, education, philosophy and other disciplines. It develops experimental ecological processes with practical applications in a variety of settings. Furthermore, students will gain a conceptual and real-world awareness of transdisiciplinarity and econnectivity as intertwined ecological ‘domains’. The module draws upon the successul IATL 'meadow-meanders' project, (2015-16).

Tocil Field, 2015

Mornings - facilitated by Dr Jonathan Heron

These workshops will take place in Week 1 (Summer Term) and will make use of existing research and practice in the area of ecology, sustainability and eco-pedagogy in order to ‘unlearn’ the humanistic/anthropocentric perspective. This phase will introduce transdisciplinary methods and practices with perspectives from the sciences, arts and education.

Suggested reading: Bateson (1972) & Code (2006).

Afternoons - facilitated by Professor Baz Kershaw

These workshops will take place outdoors in Week 1 or 2 (Summer Term) taking the form of an intensive period of field work that will equip the students with transdisciplinary strategies for engaging radically with ecology. The 'meadow-meanders' will be recycled to establish a shared sense of ‘meandering’ as experimental ecological practice.

Suggested reading: Kershaw (2007) & Kershaw (2015).

Feedback - co-facilitated by Heron and Kershaw

This final phase will take place during the second week, when students will prepare written and practical projects for assessment. The student-led practice will produce a feedback loop using the principles of 'meadow-meanders' and applying them to new venues and environments. Students will be encouraged to develop their own meander as a transdisciplinary intervention within their own campus communities.

Suggested reading: Kahn (2010) & Frodeman (2013).

Module convenors

Prof. Baz Kershaw
(Baz dot Kershaw at warwick dot ac dot uk)
Dr Jonathan Heron
(Jonathan dot Heron at warwick dot ac dot uk)


This module is no longer available.


Humanities Studio


For 15 CATS
50% essay/report/blog 1500 words
50% sharing of practice 15 mins

For 20 CATS
50% essay/report/blog 2000 words
50% sharing of practice 30 mins

For 30 CATS
40% essay/report/blog 2000 words 40% sharing of practice 30 mins
20% advanced synthesis task