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Study - v6

Learning with IATL

Study with us

Our unique interdisciplinary modules are designed for all students, from all backgrounds

Why study with IATL

You have enough to learn already right?

We help to develop how you learn

Our modules employ innovative teaching methods that will develop new learning capacities

Sharpening a saw

Inter-'what' Modules!?

Many Students | Many Disciplines
Greater Perspective

'Interdisciplinary' modules enable collaborative, student-led, holistic learning across all disciplines.

Research with us

We support you all the way - from funding your research to positioning it in front of a global audience

Get funded

We offer funding and mentoring to make your research ideas happen

Global Presentations

Present your research to a global audience at the annual ICUR Conference

Peer-Reviewed Research

Publish your research in our exclusive, bi-annual peer-reviewed journal