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Undergraduate Modules

"That's what I love about IATL modules, they give you a glimpse into other worlds that you may not encounter otherwise."
- Dr Dave Wood, Reader, Mathematics Institute

Studying on an IATL module gives you the opportunity to work with students and lecturers from right across the university, developing connections between ideas, experiences and practice. These skills, of working with people from different backgrounds and developing complex understandings of concepts, are increasingly valued by both students and employers alike and offer you ways of engaging with some of the big questions facing us today. In an IATL module you are not merely learning about the world, you are working with others to develop new ways of understanding it.

Available to

All undergraduates in years 2, 3 or 4 (with home department approval). All IATL undergraduate modules are approved at Level 5 and 6 with differentiated learning outcomes.

All of our modules are offered for 15 CATS unless stated otherwise

Module information

If you want more information on each module, you can watch our short video IATL’s Academic Manager and Deputy Director, Jo Wale, provides an introduction to IATL and a brief overview of the modules that will be offered in 2022-23. The video can also be found on MS Stream

Understanding Wellbeing

This module has a waiting list

  • IL028: Intermediate Years
  • IL128: Finalists

Convenor: Dr Elena Riva

Global Connections
  • IL014: Intermediate Years
  • IL114: Finalists

Convenor: Dr Heather Meyer

The Slow Movement
  • IL037: Intermediate Years
  • IL137: Finalists

Convenor: Dr Joanne Lee and Dr Elisabeth Blagrove

Local / Global Shakespearience

This module has a waiting list

  • IL021: Intermediate Years
  • IL121: Finalists

Convenor: Dr Ronan Hatfull