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Week 5 multi-choice 2014/15

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This is a set of multi-choice due in week 5 of “The Challenges of Climate Change” course . The deadline for this work is before the lecture of week 5. i.e. Friday 31st October, 10am.

The questions are based on the lecture from Friday 24th October. There is no set reading for this week, but you may find it useful to consult the lecture notes online (they are the same as the 2013/14 version under thank link on the lectures page)..

1. Many long range migrating birds heading south to sub-Saharan Africa in the autumn are leaving the UK (compared with 50 years ago) (required)
2. Many short range migrating birds heading south to the Mediterranean region in the autumn are leaving the UK (compared with 50 years ago) (required)
3. Compared to 40 years ago, are birds in the UK laying eggs (required)
4. Approximately what proportion of coral reefs have been killed from ocean warming in the past 30 years? (required)
5. What effects does CO2 have when dissolved in the ocean? (required)
6. Which of the following are NOT are major impact of destruction of coral reefs? (required)
7. Phenology is the (required)
8. What changes are pterapods experiencing due to changes in the ocean? (required)
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