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week 6 multi-choice

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This is a set of multi-choice questions associated with week 6 of “The Challenges of Climate Change”.

Due to the delay in getting questions online, this weeks multi-choice questions will not be assessed however you may still find it useful to complete the multi-choice questions ahead of the week 6 lecture which will be held on Friday 08th November at 10am.

There is no set reading provided to answer these questions, but you may find it useful to focus specifically on the economics of Climate Change web page, the cited chapters in Stern and the critiques by Dasgupta and Arrow. As an optional extra you may also wish to look at the Weitzman piece, which is more complete.


Q1. Is climate change a global pure public good? (required)
Q2. How (and how much) should we discount the future? (required)
Q3. Are markets capable of pricing environmental risk (required)
Q4. Will carbon trading schemes implement the efficient level of emissions? (required)
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