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Project Resources

Instruments and equipment are available to support student projects (indeed, some are the outputs of previous projects).

You may be able to get some help from the Electronics and Mechanical Workshops in Physics, but this needs to be discussed well in advance with your project mentor.

Science of Music equipment

Bass guitar and small amp.

Theremin - Moog Theremini (digital emulation of analogue Theremin).

Line array speakers - optimised for around 500 Hz. Has its own amplifier. Built in-house in previous student project. Battle-hardened in performance at the British Science Festival 2019!

Science of Music equipment

Drive for linear actuator (we used it to play the Theremin) - software developed.

Line array amp.

Mini mixer: 2 mic/line channels plus 2 stereo channels, simple EQ, etc.

Various clip-on mics for instruments. We don't presently have a good condenser mic but these could be borrowed for recording.

Monochord - stretched wire, change weight and length to change pitch.

USB MIDI keyboard (controller only, needs software synth such as ZynAddSubFX or DAW).

Science of Music equipment

Public address (PA) system: amplifier plus 2 speakers. 4 channels (no phantom power for mics), basic EQ. Battle-hardened in performance! Has a dynamic mic. Sound quality is OK.

MIDI to Light machine

MIDI-to-light machine, with USB interface and software. Converts notes (MIDI) to lights through high brightness multi-colour LEDs around the unit. Based on ideas around synethesia by composers Scriabin and Afanasieff. Previous student project.

As well as the items shown above, we have some cheap plastic recorders and a flute.