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Climate change in the news

US Climate Policy

Active US presence at COP23, Guardian 11-11-2017

The Authoritarian Attack on Science

Comparisons between Trump's science policy and Stalin's, keynote talk by Carl Zimmer at

"Science, Journalism and Democracy:Grappling with a New Reality", September 2017

Strange but True

Daily Mail columnist believes in Climate Change! Greenpeace Unearthed, 6-9-2017

North Carolina's Sea-level Rise Denial Bill passed into law in 2012 ABC News, 2-8-2012

(and it's still in effect: see State of denial of sea rise on NC coast, Raleigh NC News and Observer, 15-9-2017)

Public Opinion and the Media

Yale programme on Climate Change Communication

Nigel Lawson recognised as untruthful: BBC aplogises for not challenging former chancellor's false statements on the climate -- Guardian, 25-10-2017

What are our chances?

No silver bullet Guardian, 1-2-2018

News item on sobering new report from Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, Guardian, 7-11-2017

New data gives hope of meeting the Paris climate targets, Guardian 30-10-2017

Unprecedented increase brings CO2 level to a new high , World Meteorological Organization, 30-10-2017

 Guardian report on recent article in Nature GeoScience arguing that the chance of preventing a temperature rise of more than 1.5 degrees is better than previously believed, 17-9-2017, and the authors' response to press misrepresentation of the contents of the report, Guardian 21-9-2107

 The real unknown of climate change: our behaviour - New York Times, 19-9-2017

Enough with climate optimism! - Guardian, 21-9-2917

What will climate change do to us?

Food crops have lower vitamin and mineral content as a result of increased atmospheric CO2. Politico magazine, 13-9-2017

New York Times article on new Lancet report on health effects of temperature rises, NYT 31-10-2017

Legal Action

San Francisco Sues Big Oil! Independent, 21-9-2017

The Law and Climate Change -- BBC radio programme in "Unreliable Evidence" series, 27-9-2017

James Hansen calls for more lawsuits Guardian, 17-11-2017

UK Government Policy

UN criticism of UK and German fossil fuel subsidies (July 2016)

UK Government Press Release on Clean Growth Strategy (12-10-2017) and Guardian Comment 12-10-2017

Effects on the Natural World

Ocean acidification threatens marine life, Guardian 23-10-17

New estimates of sea-level rise: 1.3 metres by 2100 unless we stop burning coal by 2050. Guardian 26-10-2017

Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

5th IPCC Report (2013-4)

Special issue of Nature Climate Change on media coverage of 5th IPCC report

Commentary in Nature on the role of IPCC members

The UNEP Emissions Gap Report - how far we are from the emissions reductions needed to avoid a temperature rise of more than 2 deg C. The 2014 report can be downloaded from the UNEP website.

The Heartland Institute's view of the IPCC report (see Merchants of Doubt by Oreskes and Conway in this connection)

The Catholic Church

Pope Francis's Encyclical on Climate Change (May 2015)

Campaigner Bill McKibben's Review of the Pope's Encyclical (NYRB, September 2015)

Economist William Nordhaus's Review of the Pope's Encyclical (NYRB, October 2015)

Catholic church to make record divestment (Guardian, October 3, 2017)

Market Failures and Solutions

Paul Krugman's guide to Building a Green Economy

The view of some IMF economists on How large are global energy subsidies? (answer: $5 trillion each year for fossil fuels).

Free Market Solutions to Externalities: Deny Them

Exxon Mobile's conspiracy to prevent action on Climate Change , NYRB, December 8th 2016

New York Times, Nov 5th 2015: Exxon Mobile investigated for possible climate change lies

Trailer for the 2015 movie Merchants of Doubt


Discounting the future cost of climate change (short article in Science News)

Accessible article by David Roberts from the environmental website

A lone maverick?

Roger Pielke Jr's blog