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Essay (15 CATS only)


Essay Topics for IL006 Challenges of Climate Change

1. How well do the media cover climate change? A critical review of media coverage, with reference to six articles or other media items (films, TV programmes, ...).

2. Will the world succeed in preventing a greater than 2 degrees temperature rise?

3. Other countries' response to the challenge of climate change.

4. What is the discount rate, and how should it be set? Does compound discounting make sense over the time-scales considered in climate policy?

5. Weather and climate models are among the most sophisticated, and arguably the most soundly-based, models in natural science. Compare them (e.g. in their assumptions, their scientific basis, their potential accuracy, etc) with other computer models with which you are familiar in natural science and/or social science (e.g. models of the economy).

6. If there is another climate-related topic on which you would like to write a 2500 word essay, please give us (David Mond and Michael Pounds) a 200-word synopsis of what you propose by December 2nd (end of week 9 in Term 1), and we will let you know.

Please feel free to be creative or take different approaches. We will be judging the overall quality of your work, with a particular empahsis on how well you have understood the critical issues of the course, and how you engage with more than one discipline within this.

Deadline for handing in the essay:

Essays should be submitted electronically by the start of week 4 of term 2 (Tuesday 30th January 2017). If you write on topic 1, please include, with your work, urls for the pieces you critique, if they are available online, or scanned copies otherwise.

Please submit your work via Tabula.

Further information

If you would like to discuss this further, or would like more guidance, please contact any member of the teaching team.