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Week 6 2014/15 multi-choice

This is the multiple choice for week 6 of the course "The Challenges of Climate Change". Answers to some of the following questions are approximate. Tick the box that is closest to the best estimate you can find. Most answers can be found in David MacKay's book "Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air", freely available online at This is material that we feel is relevant for the course and will help you understand some of the issues driving the energy industry. However, it is not directly covered in lectures and so this weeks questions are NOT for credit.
1. By what percentage is the UK committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 2050?
2. What are the average European’s CO2 equivalent emissions per year?
3. What is the average daily power consumption per person in the UK, in kilowatt-hours?
4. What are of UK wind-farm would be required to generate the total power requirements for 100,000 people in the UK?
5. What area of concentrated solar power plant in the Sahara would be required to generate the total power requirements for 100,000 people in the UK?
6. How much CO2 does a return flight London-New York release into the atmosphere for each passenger?
7. How long does it take for the radioactivity from the most radioactive 3% of the waste from nuclear fission reactors to decrease to the level of uranium ore?
8. What is the energy capacity of the Dinorwig pumped power storage facility?
9. MacKay’s book illustrates the slowness with which pollution from the atmosphere reaches the deep ocean by giving the depth to which nuclear fallout from the weapons tests of the 1960s and 1970s had penetrated in the oceans. Is this depth:
10. What is MacKay’s estimate of the energy cost of producing half a pound (227g) of meat?
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