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Week 2 multi-choice

These are questions for the 2014/15 version of the course. They should be answered by 10am on Friday 10th Oct 2014. The first questions refer to material covered in the first lecture and are intended to be relatively straightforward. The latter questions are based on preparation for the next lecture aimed at critically assessing material online. These are likely to be more challenging (don't worry there are only 3 of them). To help answer these you might find it helpful to refer to the 2013 summary for policymakers from the IPCC. You can find this at.

The first questions are about climate science as outlined in lectures.
Which of the following would act to cool the Earth? (tick all that apply).
Which two factors are the most important in determining the use of tree rings for temperature measurement (tick two options only)?
Which of the following would NOT result in a decrease in the equilibrium temperature of the Earth (tick all that apply)?
Why can oxygen isotopes be used as a proxy for temperatures (answer only one point)?
Which of the following statements about ice ages and seasons are NOT true (answer only one point).
Which of the following statements are true (answer all that apply)?
The first few questions are based on reading of a climate blog. Please begin by reading the following blog from the US Heartland Institute. This makes 5 claims about climate change.
The first claim is that climate change stopped in 1997. In what ways could this statement be misleading? (tick all that you think apply).
Another claim in the article is that sea level rise is not accelerating, and that sea levels have been higher in the past. Why might this be misleading (again tick all those that apply).
The final claim is that CO2 is not a pollutant, but is good for plants and animals. Why may CO2 increases and global warming not be an entirely good thing for biological life (answer all that apply).
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