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Week 3 multi-choice

This is the multiple choice for week 3 of the course "The Challenges of Climate Change". It is due on Friday 17th October at 10 am (before the lecture). As with last weeks questions these focus both on material in the lecture from this week (week 2) on Forcings/Feedbacks and Modelling, as well as a look forward to material in week 3 (on uncertainty). Many of the questions can be answered purely by material in the lectures, for a couple you may need to search somewhat. For this week we encourage you to read the following links. which may be useful in answering the questions. The IPCC report from week 2 may be useful as well. You should also feel free to use standard internet search techniques (google/wikipedia) which may help with several of the answers. For some of the answers there may be more than one correct answer, so you should feel free to tick more than one box (although ticking all the boxes will not give you the marks).
1. Which of the following is not a positive feedback on the climate system?
2. Why do aerosols result in a negative radiative forcing (tick all that apply)?
3. Which of the following statements about thermohaline circulations is NOT correct (tick only one answer)?
4. Accounting for feedbacks, what is the expected temperature rise for a doubling of CO2 concentration from pre-industrial levels?
5. What is the percentage rise in CO2 concentrations from the pre-industrial era to today?
6. What is meant by the term radiative forcing?
7. Why does ozone act as a greenhouse gas in the lower atmosphere (troposphere), but not in the stratosphere (answer only one)?
8. Which of the following is NOT suggested as a possible origin of the discrepancy between measured temperatures and models.
9. What percentage of models (approximately) predict temperature rises smaller than those observed since 1998?
10. Which of the following do models NOT predict over the next 50 years?
11. Finally, for future use, please indicate your feelings about these multiple choice questions.
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