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Week 8 2014/15

This is the multiple choice for week 8 of the Challenges of Climate Change. The questions relate largely to the lecture from 14th Nov 2014. They are due 10am on Friday 21 Nov 2014.
Approximately what percentage of child deaths (<5 years) in the world are thought to be attributable to malnutrition?
How many times higher is childhood mortality in sub-Saharan Africa than in Europe (your answer can be approximate, and you may find the WHO an useful resource)?
What defines the Anthropocene?
Which of the following is not an example of a black swan event?
Which of the following provide a reasonably accurate description on the behaviour of CO2 concentrations (mark all that apply)?

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  • Reserves
  • Ports/shipping
  • Fishing
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
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