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Week 7 multi-choice

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This is the multiple choice quiz for week 7 of the course "The Challenges of Climate Change". It is due on Friday 15th November at 10 am (before the lecture).

There is no suggested reading provided, you should be able to find answers to the following questions with some internet research.

All questions are of equal weight, and when combined with the other weeks multi-choice questions will make up 20% of the 7.5 CAT version of the course and 10% of the 15 CAT version.

1. In Game Theory, a Nash Equilibrium in a competitive game is a choice of strategies in which:
2. In the Prisoners’ Dilemma, there is one Nash Equilibrium. In it, do the two prisoners:
3. In the Prisoners’ Dilemma, which outcomes are Pareto Optimal?
4. Which was the winning strategy described in Axelrod’s The evolution of co-operation?
5. Does the term “the Tragedy of the Commons” refer to:
6. How much money did the mobile phone frequencies auction, designed by Ken Binmore, net for the UK government?
7. Supply the missing word:

“The law imprisons man or woman
Who steals the goose from the common
But lets the greater …............. loose
Who steals the common from the goose”

Is it:
8. The side-blotched lizard, Uta stansburniana, is interesting to evolutionary game theorists because its population consist of three different kinds of males, whose mating strategies compete in a way which resembles:
9. Which of the following shares the same underlying structure as the Diner’s Dilemma:
10. To which of the following sciences has game theory not been applied?
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