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Course regulations

This page describes the planned operation of the course IL006 Challenges of Climate Change for the 2016/17 year. This course is still evolving and some of the details may vary with time. The calender for lectures is available on the front page.

If you have comments on the running of the course, or on its content please fill in the feedback form.

The course will run in two versions, for which the lecture content is the same, but additional work, seminars and exams differ. These are a 7.5 CAT version and a 15 CAT version.

The common themes to each will be:

10 weekly lectures slots, each of two hours duration between 10-12 on a Friday.

4 sets of multi-choice questions. The schedule is available here.

For the 7.5 CAT version of the course there will be:

A 1.5 hour examination in Term 3.

For the 15 CAT version of the course there will be:

A 3 hour examination in Term 3, in two parts. Part A (1.5 hours) is the same as the examination taken by the students on the 7.5 CAT version. Part B (1.5 hours) consists of longer essay-type questions.

An assessed essay, written on one of a small selection of topics. The deadline for this essay will be at 30th Jan 2017. See the list of Essay Topics.

Nine 2-hour seminars taking place throughout term 1 (weeks 2-10, 9-11am in R1.04). Attendance is required: students who are registered for the 15 CAT

version but fail to attend the seminars without good reason will have their registration changed to the 7.5 CAT version.