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Meeting to report on outcome of COP21

See the text of the Paris Agreement (as Annex to the linked document, pp 20-31).

The Global Governance GRP aims to hold a meeting or meetings in spring 2016 to assess the outcome of the Paris COP21 Climate Talks. The structure is yet to be agreed. We need to decide on the topics to report on, and and to find people willing to prepare a report on each one.

Here is a provisional list. Please comment below with suggestions for additions/mergings/deletions, and, above all, offers to report. The names of speakers will be added as they volunteer.

1. What emissions limitations have been agreed to, and what will be the consequences for the climate if they are adhered to? - Andrew Levan (Physics)

2. Enforcement mechanisms. Were any agreed? If not, why not?

3. Carbon pricing. Did anything happen? - Frederik Dahlmann (WBS)

4. Structure of the negotiation. Did the new arrangements work?

5. Questions of fairness in allocation of emissions allowances/cuts between developed and developing world.

6. How will any of this impact on economic activity?

7. What does this mean for the UK, and how does it relate to government policy? - Ben Richardson (PAIS)

Could you add to this list? Would you cancel or merge any of the topics? Please comment below suggesting something you would like to report on, or e-mail any of the organisers: Jimmy Donaghey, David Mond, Lena Rethel