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Sexual and Racial Harassment

The University considers sexual or racial harassment to be totally unacceptable and offers support to staff and students subjected to it. The University is also prepared to take disciplinary action against offenders. Sexual harassment may be defined as verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature which the perpetrator knows, or should have known, was offensive to the victim. Such conduct may encompass displays of sexually suggestive pictures, unwanted demands for sex and unwanted physical contact.

Racial harassment may be defined as behaviour that is offensive or intimidating to the recipient and would be regarded as racial harassment by any reasonable person. Such conduct may range from racist jokes and insults to physical threats. Confidential advice is available from the Head of the Department, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, the Student Counselling Service, or the Advice and Welfare Services Officer in the Student Union. A leaflet, Sexual and Racial Harassment – Guidelines for Students, is available from the Senior Tutor's Office, University House.