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Request to take an IATL undergraduate module

  • Eligibility: you must be in your second year or above to take an IATL undergraduate module.
  • Authorisation: you may need authorisation from your home department to take an IATL module; please see departments' authorisation policies.
  • Allocation of places: places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. However, in the event of a module being oversubscribed, priority will be given to students taking the module for credit over those auditing or 'overcatting', and to students in their final year of study.
  • Confirmation of your place: no module choices can be guaranteed until the autumn term.
  • Changing your mind: if you would like to make any changes to (or cancel) your request after submitting it, please email IATL dot modules at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Year of study in 2018-19 *
The 2018-19 year will be my final year of study *
Please select the module(s) you want to take, specifying your required CATS weighting(s). You are welcome to choose some backup options in case we are not able to offer you your preferred choice(s).

Important: if you require authorisation from your home department to take an IATL module, you cannot be allocated a place until we receive this; please see departments’ authorisation policies.
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