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  1. Part of the syllabus looks at tuning systems (just, meantone, ptolemaic, etc.). The foundational theorist for western harmony was Pythagoras (or at least the system is named after him). Now there are a number of fragments of ancient Greek notation, including an extant song, which I seem to remember is known as the 'Seiklos song', and occassionally crops up in histories of western music. Would it be possible to perform some of this music on instruments tuned according to the Pythagorean ratios?

  2. Another great idea, I think. Even if we can't find instruments tuned this way it might be possible to synthesise the music "from first principles" with the correct tuning.

  3. Are you still keen to do this? I don't know anything on the topic really but I could totally get on board.

  4. It depends, if you can think of something you'd rather do (someone wanted to do the B-P scale), then I would be happy to do it. I'm not in a group currently, if you were willing to do ancient Greek music, then that would be great. It would require some of the tuning maths and Gavin said we would use synthesized instruments. We might be able to find a third person. I can't remember if you were in the group of three that Gavin emailed about getting down to business and finally deciding on something. Either way, I'm fairly open to other suggestions if you or the other person have other ideas...

  5.  I am indeed one of the folks who was in the email. I've got a lotta love for the ancient Greeks and would rather have a look at this stuff than anything that I've been able to come up with. I was trying to come up with some kinda human testy something but couldn't nail down anything specific that we could test.

  6. Great! With a lotta love anything is possible!

  7. Yeaahh! What now?

  8. Hey!

    I'm also one of the guys Gavin emailed. I'd be more than happy to help! (If you guys are willing).


  9. Yes, we need a third. I think the next thing to do is to find a project mentor. I'll email Gavin.

  10. Hey! After revising Gavin's email, it appears we can have 2 people working on a project. I'll be working with the other guy so there'll be 2 pairs instead of 3 & 1. Sorry and good luck!

  11. We should really meet up sometime soon to get things sorted.

  12. When is a good time for you? I don't get no reading week so Ima be on campus all day every day pretty much, except for tomorrow afternoooon

  13. I think sometime Thursday or Friday would be good, since I have reading week, I'm free most of the time.

  14. You fancy meeting after the lecture?

  15. okay


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