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  1. Me (Alex Simpson), John Bamping, and Joe Rossney were hoping to do a more programming based project. The idea is to write a program that converts text files into some sort of coherent music. Provisionally, the main text input will be in python, with synthesis and sound manipulation using Super Collider. Hopefully the program will be versitile enough that any parameter (e.g. letter, distance from punctuation, length of word, etc.) can be mapped to individual parameters; either of the actual notes and patterns in the music, or even the timbre of the instrument itself. I think it would be really awesome to be able to 'listen' to a book! Does this sound reasonable?

  2. Hi all

    So we had a chat after the session and, I think, agreed on the following:

    • use a suitable repository for software development
    • build a web site about the project under
    • blog on the site about development of the code, links, what other sonifying stuff is going on these days, etc.

    The idea is that even though this is quite a short project we should be able to get some good-sounding stuff out for performance in week 10, and leave nice modular, readable, expandable software for others to carry on with post-project.



  3. Hey.

    I couldn't remember if we agreed to keep this thread updated with our thoughts on the project, or if we should just focus on the website.

    Anyhow, my thought is just a continuation of what we've sort of already decided. Basically I'm the weakest python programmer but as far as I know (?) the strongest on music theory, so it would kind of make sense for me to focus on the challenge of making the audio we create sound 'musical.' I've got a few ideas of ways to do this, linking to parameters such as 'entropy' which we discussed on Friday. So if you're all happy with me sticking to that side of things then I'll go ahead with it (using SuperCollider).



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