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  1. Reminder of the exam format:

    • 1 hour paper.
    • Choose 3 questions from 6 (which will be spread over the main topics).
    • Questions typically combine some numerical work with qualitative discussion.
    • There will be a "data book" containing key formulae and tables
    • But you will need to know some basic formulae, for instance the relationship between wave speed c, frequency f and wavlength l (c = f l).

    There won't be time to write essays on the qualitative parts! You'll need to get your key points across concisely. 

    One thing to bear in mind on the numerical parts of questions is the role of precision/accuracy in your answer. Some involve quite rough estimates, other require higher precision (e.g. considering the frequency differences between tuning systems). Even if you can't do the calculation there will be credit for correct qualitative description of the approach to the problem or relevant scientific concepts.


  2. As this is a new module is there a sample exam available for revision purposes?

  3. We did a sample question in session 9 - available in the notes.

  4. Are calculators allowed? Thanks!

  5. Yes, ordinary calculators are allowed (i.e. the sort we allow in regular maths/physics/engineering exams, not hyper-programmable super-brain type of things). 



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