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  1. Taking the plunge and being the first person to post here...

    In terms of project ideas I am very interested in synthesis and electronic sound creation/processing etc. and feel this could make for an interesting topic, e.g. an introduction to subtractive synthesis, or something. With an oscilllocope the shapes of waveforms could be easily demonstrated along with their changes of shapes with regards to changes in timbre and frequency etc.
    However, this may be too specific a focus when there is a lot to cover in the module, i'm not really sure...

    Another idea I have had though could be with regards to experimenting with how much visual interaction interplays with acoustics. It was noted on Friday that part of playing in a band requires visual cues with each other to establish rhythm and whatnot, yet also you have the fact that when playing a fretless instrument you usually rely more on hearing that you are playing the right note than looking to see if your finger is in the correct position. Something else along these lines:

    Anyway, does anyone else have any good ideas?

  2. Thanks George! Both great ideas.

    Developing a short presentation or video on how subtractive synthesis works would certainly be suitable. We will look at this topic briefly in "electronic music" but can't go into any real depth due to time constraints. It would be possible to put together a simple analog filtering circuit to demonstrate actual hardware. I have a couple of signal generators in the lab which you could use. There's plenty of good software out there too, of course - e.g. my fave synth is . The reports could also include some of the historical background to the development of synthesis - plenty of scope there.

    The visual / aural preception effect is really interesting - I hadn't heard of this. Dr. Malik Refaat can mentor projects in this area - Malik, any thoughts?


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