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Student Forum More project ideas: B-P bass and Sonification

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  1. More project ideas

    Hi everyone

    Possible projects that I could mentor:

    1. Bohlen-Pierce bass

    We heard the Bohlen-Pierce scale in action in session 1 (thanks Katherine!). Could e.g. a bass guitar be converted to the Bohlen-Pierce scale? The bass I played briefly in the session is the first bass I ever owned - a 5-string headless Hohner copy of the classic Steinberger design, bought second hand in 1988. Oh yeah. I ripped all the frets out years ago and am prepared to go further... Could the fingerboard be re-patterened for Bohlen-Pierce intervals? Could something be written for such an instrument (along with other B-P instruments? or just drum'n'bass?)? This project could involve some calculations, practical work (Physics workshops can help) and creative work. Reports could expand on the background to altered tonalities, B-P scale, theory, etc.

    2. Data-to-music

    I have a long standing interest in algorithmic music, but from the angle of turning scientific data into music. I ran some URSS projects on this a few years ago: . We even published a paper with the Royal Microscopical Society! If anyone is interested in taking this project forward a bit further I'd be happy to mentor. The original stuff is based on (somewhat uncommented... sorry) python and I wonder if some of the more specific music/sound languages would be better. Or even MATLAB! There's plenty of scope for combining technical and creative skills here, and there is a large literature on this area which will help report writing.

  2. More project ideas

    I am interested in the B-P bass along with the other ideas I have suggested before - anything hardware synth related or weird scales sounds cool, anyone else?


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