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  1. Hello, as explained in session 1 project topics can include an educational/outreach project. I am keen on this idea and on possibly creating a website which will include videos and demonstrations of short performances that reflect what it is the website will be aiming to educate target readers on. 

    I think we could have a specific audience in mind e.g. GCSE students or 1st year Undergraduates etc. The aim would be to educate the target audience in a interesting way hence, use of videos etc.

    The topic could be based on material from the Fundamentals of Sound part of this course and, for example, videos could demonstrate pitches of notes and scales (played on a piano or other instrument)

    I am open to suggestions and changes to this idea though!!

  2. I was also interested in going down the educational/outreach route, and would be happy to work on the creation of some kind of educational website if you want to make a group? Aiming at GCSE level would be a good shout, and maybe we could take a small handful of topics from the course, looking at what aspects of them could be demonstrated most successfully in a video... Or take one of the topics and do a short series of videos discussing various elements within this one topic?

    I'm also quite interested in combining sound with visual elements... I have a fair amount of filming/editing/motion graphic design experience, and think it might be quite cool to do something a bit more exciting with the educational videos... Don't have any specific ideas for this yet, but maybe combining cool inforgraphics/typography with demonstrations, or incorporating animated illustrations/motion graphics somehow to compliment the info/musical elements being taught.

    Let me know what you think!


  3. Hi Polly,

    That's great! I like your ideas and I would be happy to work together on this. I would be very much be able to contribute more towards the scientific (and musical) content and the flow of information from one element of our chosen topic to the next etc. I think the idea of using educational videos that accompany information on the topic

    I have to say I don't know a great amount about webdesign, is this something you are able to do or would we need to find someone else/ a tutor to help us on this?


  4. This post has been flagged for a moderator to review.

    Hi guys,

    I was considering doing something like this, however I wasn't sure how many people would be up for it. I'd be up for joining you (if equally you are keen)- I'm a 3rd year Maths Student, but I have a decent background in coding, so I could definitely help out with a website if you wanted to go along that route. Equally I've worked with younger students (especially GCSE) in the past, teaching both Maths and Music and I loved it, so I would feel very relaxed in going for something like that again.

    Does that sound okay to you?


  5. Hey,

    Good to hear that David!
    I've had experience with GCSE students also,

    This sounds great, I'm happy with this if everyone else is


  6. Yeah this all sounds great to me too! I have some simple web design experience in the forms of platforms like wordpress etc, but I think I could help most with the aesthetics/design/layout of the site, as I have graphic design experience too.

    Hopefully we can find each other in the session this morning :)

  7. This all sounds good - we made a few videos and have a few demonstrations (which you're probably seeing during lectures) while setting up the module. We thought about adding more but there wasn't time. Some of these are taken out to schools and science festivals. More ideas would be great!


  8. Hello, 
    We have been discussing the idea, and here is an update!

    It will be an 'Educational and informative media website' which aims to educate A-level students of different subjects in a friendly, informative way which incorporates videos, typography, demonstrations etc. The topics will be something along the lines of:
    *A history of music
    *An introduction to sound: How is sound produced?
    : How does sound travel through a medium?
    : How do we hear sound?
    *An introduction to music theory: Notes and scales
    : Pitch and frequency
    : Terminology
    *How can music affect our mood?

    (This is not necessarily definite but a rough idea)



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