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  1. To the guys doing the project on the line array speakers, do you still have space for  third member? 

  2. Hi everyone

    Professor Roemer has agreed to mentor this project. Just to recap on the main activities as I understand them, and for Rudo's benefit:

    • some research and calculations on the Why? and How? of line arrays.
    • some hands-on discussion/research into the PA arrangements in the student union, maybe involving an external acoustics company?
    • build a mini line-array demonstrator with small (c. 50mm) speakers

    On this last item, I have had a quick chat with Bob Day in out electronics workshop - they will be happy to support you.

    We'll be able to find some small budget for this I think.






  3. Dear all,

    as your project mentor, could you please let me know your names and emails? Also, do we want to meet at some stage?


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