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Copy of Communicating Antiquity through 'Legion'

Communicating Antiquity Through 'Legion'

Dr. Clare Rowan


Roman helmet on the ground

Image from British Museum


I am taking the first year students in Classics and Ancient History to the 'Legion: Life in the Roman Army' exhibition at the British Museum (

The aim of the trip will be for the students to observe and learn how professionals in museum contexts tell the public about antiquity: this will occur both through first-hand experience of the exhibition, as well as a talk with the exhibition's curator Richard Abdy. The students will then be asked to contribute to a web page detailing their views on what makes a great exhibition (focusing on exhibition panel texts, colour and other design elements, storytelling, balancing vision and research against marketing, level of public knowledge and other demands). The resulting website will be a teaching resource used by these students and others as they progress to Honours level, to inform them in shaping exhibitions as part of modules in our Antiquities Room, and for those students who undertake projects as part of our Public Engagement module.

The project will mean that student experience, analysis and reflection will form a learning resource for future activities within Classics. The project will also improve our ability to create effective student-led exhibitions within our Antiquities Room space, furthering the engagement of our students and their research with the broader university and university visitors. It will also contribute to the department’s development of public engagement and storytelling as part of the undergraduate curriculum.