Executive Summary

The Warwick-Knossos Archaeological Fieldwork Project involved a five-person team consisting of the PI (Trainor) and four Warwick-based student researchers (Heagney, Vernon and two other Student Researchers, L. Armitage and G. Roffe). Between July 7-22, the Warwick team catalogued, recorded and analysed the archaeological remains of a 1st Century BC pottery kiln at the ancient site of Knossos on the island of Crete.

The project was part of a wider research framework entitled the Knossos Legacies and Sustainable Archaeology Project which was run in conjunction with Tulane University (USA) and University College Dublin (Ireland). While the Warwick, Tulane and UCD teams each worked on separate bodies of archaeological material, all three teams shared the resources of the Knossos Research Centre. This set-up provided the Warwick students with opportunities to form international collaborations with students/specialist researchers from Ireland and the USA as each team worked on complementary archaeological datasets.